Culture at Button

We work hard, we grow together, and we always celebrate as a team.

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We're always learning

Button hosts a variety of internal and external events for its employees to promote continuous learning, growth, and development.

  • Nourish Speaker Series

    We host speakers from tech, non-profit, and other related industries to bring in fresh perspectives, practices, and technologies.

  • Talk-O's

    Buttonians deliver weekly talks over tacos. Topics can cover anything and everything, with some past favorites including iPhone Photography, Pet Adoption, and How to Make Steak Tartare.

  • Button Demos & Town Hall

    Each week we come together as a company to share what we’ve been working on, celebrate accomplishments, and hold open Q&A with our CEO and executive team.

Internal Events
Growth Workshop
Quarterly Growth Workshop

We hold quarterly workshops on a variety of topics - from New Manager Training, Interaction & Communication Styles - we want to help you be the best at what you do.

Button Connect
Button Connect

We invite friends, family, and great minds from across the NY tech community to gather on our rooftop for a casual, happy hour with sweeping views of the NYC skyline.

Yearly Retreats

Whether it's summers in Sag Harbor, ziplining in the Catskills, or hitting the slopes in Park City, our team retreats are a blast and a time to collaborate across departments.

Retreats at Button

Our Values

  • Be an Entrepreneur and Never Settle

    We do the small things and no task is below us. We swing above our weight class–setting high goals and pushing for them. We expect success and know that anything is possible.

  • Deliver Excellence

    We take pride in everything we do and present. We ensure everyone interacting with Button receives the very best experience possible.

  • Speak Boldly and Honestly

    We speak our minds and share our opinions. We have tough conversations because they lead to growth for both parties. We address issues to prevent resentment and never speak ill of a fellow Buttonian.

  • Provide Omotenashi

    We predict the wants of our partners, guests, candidates, and fellow Buttonians. We provide them with what they need before they need it. We are authentic and genuine. We provide the very best service.

  • Grow Individually and Organizationally

    We commit to learning and developing. We believe that Button is a journey designed to improve us professionally and as people. We give and are open to feedback.

Celebrating milestones

We love to celebrate! As Buttonians, we all have amazing experiences, overcome difficult challenges, and enjoy tremendous successes. We believe in marking the big moments.

Each Buttonian gets a passport during their first week to keep track of their time at Button. Stickers are created and given for all sorts of milestones like retreats, giving Talk-O’s, writing blog posts, and more.

Passport Stickers

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